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Your Foodservice Solution

Thank You for visiting our site. Megametal Perdana is the leader in providing foodservice equipment solutions for quick service restaurant, hotel and retailers. Megametal design and manufacture specific foodservice equipment to exact customer standards, coordinates other vendors equipment, and delivers a complete package on time and on budget.

We provide experience and knowledge to assist our customers to expand with new units, refresh existing facilities, while supporting every day equipment, resupply and spare parts needs.

Supporting by updated technology, Megametal provide products, designs and services with no limitation to exact customer standards.

Design and Engineering Services and Consultancy

As a full line foodservice equipment manufacturer and consultancy, Megametal is proud of it's history in helping major chain restaurants grow. Developing products exclusively for our key customers is core to our mission. We understand that what is custom to the general market is considered standard for each customer. Utilizing the latest in 3-D design, analysis and engineering tools, Megametal develops conceptual designs, renderings and animations to speed evaluation and decision making prior to modelling and prototyping activity. Stainless steel fabrication, refrigeration and consultancy represent only part of our capabilities.

Megametal provide conceptual design for commerical kitchen, equipment selection, schedulling of equipment and budgeting. You can send your restaurant layout and the purpose of the restaurant then Megametal will provide the solution for it. Coordinating with architect, interior design, construction, mechnical and electrical consultant we provide the full foodservice solution according to customer standard.

We the design the implementation of equipment to improve your productivity in foodservice operation. Not only the placement of equipment but also the system and the flow will be implemented for improving your foodservice.