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Megametal provide conceptual design for commerical kitchen, equipment selection, schedulling of equipment and budgeting. You can send your restaurant layout and the purpose of the restaurant then Megametal will provide the solution for it. Coordinating with architect, interior design, construction, mechnical and electrical consultant we provide the full foodservice solution according to customer standard.

Conceptual Design

We believe the successful foodservice operation and it’s progress is determined by it’s design and implementation of the equipment which is used in operation. The conceptual design will be the key point for that purpose. By designing commercial kitchen and equipment according to the foodservice goal will make the significant progress in investment for the new foodservice system.

The conceptual design will bring you to improve productivity in foodservice operation. The design not only equipment placement and space analysis of the kitchen, but the design will give the whole solution for foodservice operation. The Design will determine the function of the kitchen, the service system for the guest, flow of operation, equipment budgeting and scheduling the equipment and it’s technical specification.

Equipment Design

Beside the standard unit that we have provide, most of the unit is implemented according to the customer standard. The design and implementing of equipment will be processed according to conceptual design that has been approved by customer. By this way, the solution not only from the standard equipment but from the purpose of the foodservice that will be implemented.

Equipment Manufacturing

Supporting by our experience and implementing of foodservice industry, the manufacturing process will be the key point how to get the quality product according to customer standard. By controlling every step in manufacturing process from design until finishing product, we make sure the product will be delivered to project on the schedule.